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Subject: Agenda for WSS TC call on Nov 4th

Here is the agenda for our call tomorrow. Sorry it is so late in coming, I have been on the road the last two weeks and I am way behind. If there are any additional agenda items please post to the list. Right now the focus of the agenda is on the status of the public review comments and document edits.

WSS TC Meeting - November 4th 2003 @ 7am Pacific Time

Phone details

+1 (484) 630-7099 Password = 19417

We are grateful to IBM for sponsoring this weeks call


1.        Call to order, roll call
2.        Reading/approving minutes of last meeting (Oct 21st) [1]
3.        Public Review status/ status of document updates / next steps
4.        Issues list review
5.        Other business
6.        Adjournment  

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wss/200310/msg00034.html


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