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Subject: Issue 173 - SOAP 1.2 Deltas

I thought we had agreed that:

1) we would state the goal of supporting all versions of SOAP
2) the document normative text and examples would all be brought in
alignment with SOAP 1.1
3) I would propose text for an appendix that says "what's different if you
use SOAP 1.2"

However, I am wondering if this is the right procedure.

A) The recent threads started by Rich about this issue and by Irving about
mustUnderstand contain suggestions that we are somehow supporting both 1.1
and 1.2

B) The spec mandates the use of "role" rather than "actor" which is clearly

C) Apparently XML Dsig (and perhaps enc as well) is technically undefined
for SOAP 1.2, since 1.2 is defined in terms of an Infoset, but DSIG assumes
a wire representation is specified.

So before proposing a lot of text, I am raising the question of how we are
going to handle this issue?


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