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Subject: Re: [wss] SOAP MustUnderstand issue

> Not seeing value in this as these sub-elements have the same mustUnderstand
> semantics associated with the wsse:Security header by default

The originator sends a message without mU set.  An intermediary adds to 
the WSS header and element that needs mU (such as one containing the 
"notAfter" element mentioned yesterday).  Now what happens?  Should that 
intermediary force mU on the global WSS element?  Should that 
intermediary have the "right" to impose header-wide semantics that 
conflict with the security policy of the originator?  I think the 
answers should be no, therefore we need finer grain.
Rich Salz, Chief Security Architect
DataPower Technology                           http://www.datapower.com
XS40 XML Security Gateway   http://www.datapower.com/products/xs40.html
XML Security Overview  http://www.datapower.com/xmldev/xmlsecurity.html

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