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Subject: Issue 233: Proposed text for Security Considerations section of coredocument

Here is an IBM proposal for replacement text for Section 13 - Security Considerations.

As stated in the Goals and Requirements section of this document, this specification is meant to provide extensible framework and flexible  syntax, with which one could implement various security mechanisms. This framework and syntax by itself does not provide any guarantee of security. When implementing and using this framework and syntax, one must make every effort to ensure that the result is not vulnerable to any one of a wide range of attacks.

It is not feasible to provide a comprehensive list of security considerations for such a extensible  set of mechanisms. A complete security analysis MUST be conducted on specific solutions based on this specification. Below we illustrate some of the security concerns that often come up with protocols of this type, but we stress that this is not an exhaustive list of concerns.
There are many other security concerns that one may need to consider in security protocols. The list above should not be used as a "check list" instead of a comprehensive security analysis.

Paula K. Austel
Web Services Security
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Tieline 863-5025

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