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Subject: [WSS] Conf Call recording.

Just in case....

From: Reservationless-Plus Web Site [mailto:support@reservationless-plus.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 12:10 PM
To: Srinivas, Davanum M
Subject: Conference Playback Instructions from Reservationless-Plus Record and Playback

Thank you for choosing Reservationless-Plus conferencing from Computer Associates Reservations. Your recent conference has been recorded and archived and is now available for playback. Your conference details are listed below:

Conference Date: 11/18/2003
Conference Time: 9:56 EST
Playback ID: 031818322
Conference Topic:
Leader: Davanum Srinivas
Archived through: 12/17/2003

This archive can be extended for an additional charge. To extend the amount of time that your conference will be available for playback beyond the date listed above, visit http://www.reservationless-plus.com and select "Access Archives". After logging in, click on "Options" at the far right of the row associated with your specified conference and follow the instructions for extending your archive. Please contact your sales representative for charges associated with extending your Reservationless-Plus Record and Playback Archive.

To have a transcript of this call made, visit http://www.intercall.com/transcription and fill out the form with the information provided in this email. Please contact your sales representative for transcription charges.

To listen to your conference playback via the Internet or over the phone, refer to the following instructions:

Playback via the Internet
1. To access the conference specified above, click on the link below or paste the entire URL into your browser: http://www2.eintercall.com/moderator/presentation/Playback?id=90220b76-19d8-11d8-974f-00034710f16e.rpm
2. At the prompt, enter your name and email address
3. Click "Submit". The playback will begin.

Playback by Phone
1. To access the conference specified above, dial the phone number shown below according to your locale.
    US/Canada - 888-899-7904
    International/Local - 706-679-5560
2. At the prompt, enter the Playback ID shown above followed by the pound sign (#).
3. The playback will begin.

The following keypad commands are available during the conference playback:
3     Fast forward 30 seconds
7     Rewind 30 seconds
#     Pause 30 seconds (or until any other key is pressed)
*     Exit playback

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