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Subject: latest core draft comment

I believe the latest 29 Dec Draft still had some change bars in the merged version.

Also, throughout the examples and some text, some S: soap prefixes remain, should be changed to S11 for consistency, since that is what the doc and other parts of examples went to.

Not sure in section 3.1 line 248, why we recommend using keyed encryption, isn't that only applicable to symmetric key? Not major, not sure it needs to be still in doc, not a showstopper.

Wording in section 5, suggest modification to make MUST NOT clearer, currently have MAY separated from no. Suggest changing line 430 to be 
"However, only one <wsse:Security> header block MAY omit the S:role attribute. Two <wsse:Security> header blocks MUST NOT have the same value for s:role."



Frederick Hirsch

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