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Subject: Plan for moving forward

As agreed on today's call, and recorded in Paul's minutes, here is the
plan for closing down the current specifications:

a) Tues and Wed to review the current documents to ensure that 
normative text in the current documents correctly reflects decisions of 
the TC

b) Thu new versions are available from the editors

c) Fri we review new versions to ensure that any subsequent changes are 
correctly done.

d) over the weekend the Editors produce a final spec

e) next week the Chairs will set up 2 Kavi votes (adopt all three specs 
as CD and then to progress them) for a period of one week.

As mentioned, please ensure that any comments give explicit text for any

changes they proposes.  Everyone should be actively monitoring the list
so that we can get these issued closed and the documents available for

Kelvin and Chris

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