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Subject: Minutes for 2/24/04

Below are the minutes for todays wss telecom.  Please send any updates or
corrections to the list.  I will add the attendee list to the next update.


Minutes 2/24/04

Roll Call:  Quorum Achieved; 43 present  out of 60

Last Week’s Minutes (2/10/04): Approved; No objections

Submission Status Update:
Kelvin – Submitted the 3 required documents before the 15th deadline.
Half dozen updates were needed to comply with the OASIS template.  The
changes were made and the documents are proceeding ok.
Member review period should start about the end of month.  Chris or Kelvin
will notify the list of the exact date when it is firm.

Ron: A few changes are needed in SAML doc.  Working these with the SAML
group. Security Considerations Might need to be relaxed, a few other things
to make it consistent with SAML spec.  These are not big issues and will not
affect the interop.  Ron will work on it next week and will send the
proposed changes to list.

XrML is stable.

244 & 247 still pending
254, 256 259 & 260 moved to errata
250 Postponed
251 Closed

261 sender-vouches
Ron – Will leave the part of the SAML token spec. relating to sender-vouches
unchanged.  Remove some stuff on how sender-vouches are used with a key and
the differentiation from holder-of-key  There will be no key in
sender-vouches, subject confirmation.  Ron will send mail on the line to be
changed in the SAML token spec. .  Will add statement re: impersonation is
not full delegation.

Errata – Errata docs will be sent to list. There will be a stand-alone
document that records errata.  This will then become an appendix to spec.
and labeled as “not voted on”.  In addition, there will be a URL to a living
errata document.
Tony will generate a document of errata collected so far.

General Interop:
Proposed for 2nd week of March which seems best time.

SAML/XrML interop
DJ – Similar to general interop and is proposed for the 2nd week in April.
The present docs have sufficient information to do the interop.
Members who are interested, please get back to DJ to say what week is best.
The proposal is to have both the SAML and the XrML interops at the same
This will be a virtual interop

Other Business:
If anyone is not on first page notify Kelvin or Chris if you feel you have
made contribution and your name is not on the spec.
John Weiland – At a recent XML meeting the present TC spec was called
WS-Security.  What is difference?  Answer - WS-Security was the initial
submission to this TC and the spec has evolved into what we have today.  The
present spec is not interoperable with the original WS-Security and is
called Web Services Security.  A short name is wss.  There was some
discussion about people on the outside are calling this spec WS-Security and
it was decided that we have no control over that.


Donald Flinn
Managing Partner
Flint Security
Phone: 781/856-7230
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu

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