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Subject: XrML interop document : XrML keyHolder and License Signature profile clarified

Hello Everyone,

Based on feedback, I have made changes to the XrML interop document It was pointed out to me that the XrML license signature profile wasn’t clear enough. I have added some text and here is a brief overview of the changes.

  1. Added the Signature(of the XrML license) profile to Annex A. The XrML license contains a signature that MUST use the enveloped transform algorithm, SHA1, and Exclusive Canonicalization.
  2. Added the profile of the ds:keyValue to Annex A. The ds:keyValue element within the keyHolder of the license MUST only contain an ds:RSAKeyValue.

Besides adding the above clarification points to the annex, I also elaborated the signature element in the XrML licenses within the SOAP request and response messages. Please note that there are no material changes here, I just added this material with the intend to clarify.

Please find a redlined and a clean version attached and also feel free to forward any questions to me.


TJ Pannu
ContentGuard Inc.

WSS-XrML-Interop-version 2.5.doc

WSS-XrML-Interop-version 2.5-redline.doc

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