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Subject: Minutes for 3/9/04

Please send any corrections or additions to the list.  The attendance will
be added to the next update.


Minutes 3/9/04

Previous minutes - Approved with no objections

Kelvin  Everything is good with the submission.  Carl stated that people
expressed confusion relative to the specification name and WS-Security.  He,
Carl, requested that the TC look into this concern.  Carl suggested that the
spec be 2.0.

There was a long discussion with a number of good suggestions.

A vote was taken to - Append parenthetically to the title, (WS-Security
	Vote results - 19 yes; 8 no; 5 abstain
It was further clarified that the parenthetic addition was for the core
document only.

A second solution, which was unanimously accepted, was to add a sentence to
the core document the intent of which is - This spec represents significant
work to the original WS-Security.  Exact wording will be submitted to the
list by Fredrick and Tony.

Submission Status 
Waiting for a revised profile on the SAML documents to close pending issues.
Ron has sent some updates to list.  The TC is urged to read these and post
any objections as soon as possible.

General Interop 
This interop is ongoing.  There are some 35 to 40 people in on the
conversation and some 9 companies participating or intending to participate.
Chris will send to the list the latest results by this weekend.

SAML/XrML Interop  The tentative date is 14 April.  No one is required to
do both interops. This will be a virtual interop.  Ron asked whether people
will be able to meet that date?  A question was raised whether it should it
be moved to May.
Chris will ask when people can participate & if it should be two events,
i.e. a SAML and an XrML interop.

Other business 
UserName token  There is no specification or recommendation on how to
derive a key from a password.  The TC will consider the issue of addressing
this problem in a future version of the specification.

Donald Flinn
Flint Security LLC
Phone: 781/856-7230
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu

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