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Subject: Updated Minutes with Attendance

Minutes 3/23/04

Roll call – Quorum achieved;  44 out of 55

Previous minutes accepted unanimously

Kelvin presented a member voting status update on the specification – out of
354 possible members – So far there are 48 yes,  0 No votes.  If you haven’t
voted yet, please get your representative to vote.  We would like all the
member organizations to vote.

General Interop status ran for two weeks.  Some of the sites are still up so
people can still run an interop.  Of the 339 tests, 80% passed, 11% failed,
9% still unknown.  Please look at the results and give Chris any updates or
corrections.  Chris will post an initial version of the interop results to
the list.

Status of the other profiles

SAML/ XrML interop status
SAML would like to have a different date, say a month after the XrML
interop.  Mid-May was proposed.
Some companies which are doing the XrML profile can do the SAML interop at
the same time.
Plan is to do the XrML interop in April and the SAML interop in May.


264 – The editors should put purely typos in the errata.  For text changes
they shall send the changes to the list before they are incorporated in the

265 - Postponed

Status of the profiles

SAML profile - Some edits still needed. These edits are not impeding the
interop doc.
XrML profile is stable.

Mark will write down problems with encrypting attachments and send it to the

SAML interop, Maneesh from Westbridge will send e-mail on questions relative
to the holder-of-key procedure.

Schedule for the remaining profiles
XRML - April
SAML - mid-May
Kerberos - Something will be sent to list by the next call
The plan is for the rest of the profiles is that they be completed over the
next three months.  The profiles are on individual schedules.

A question was raised as to whether WS-I has any preference for order of the
remaining profiles as their last preference was made some time ago.  Ron
asked Paul if he could poll the WS-I membership to determine their
prioritization of the order of the remaining tokens.  Paul suggested that
Ron could make this request himself within WS-I.
Ron, will send e-mail formalizing that request.

Attendance of Voting Members

  Gene Thurston AmberPoint
  Frank Siebenlist Argonne National Lab
  Merlin Hughes Betrusted
  Symon Chang CommerceOne
  Davanum Srinivas CA
  Guillermo Lao ContentGuard
  Sam Wei Documentum
  John Hughes Entegrity
  Toshihiro Nishimura Fujitsu
  Kefeng Chen GeoTrust
  Irving Reid HP
  Yutaka Kudo Hitachi
  Paula Austel IBM
  Derek Fu IBM
  Kelvin Lawrence IBM
  Mike McIntosh IBM
  Ron Williams IBM
  Don Flinn Individual
  Bob Morgan Individual
  Paul Cotton Microsoft
  Vijay Gajjala Microsoft
  Chris Kaler Microsoft
  Ellen McDermott Microsoft
  Richard Levinson Netegrity
  Prateek Mishra Netegrity
  Frederick Hirsch Nokia
  Abbie Barbir Nortel
  Ed Reed Novell
  Charles Knouse Oblix
  Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
  Jerry Schwarz Oracle
  Ramana Turlapati Oracle
  Eric Gravengaard Reactivity
  Ben Hammond RSA Security
  Andrew Nash RSA Security
  Rob Philpott RSA Security
  Martijn de Boer SAP
  Coumara Radja Sarvega
  Pete Wenzel SeeBeyond
  Yassir Elley Sun Microsystems
  Jeff Hodges Sun Microsystems
  Ronald Monzillo Sun Microsystems
  Jan Alexander Systinet
  John Weiland US Navy
  Phillip Hallam-Baker VeriSign

Attendance of Prospective Members and Observers

  Senthil Sengodan Nokia
  Maneesh Sahu Westbridge Technology
  Kate Cherry Lockheed Martin
  Corinna Witt BEA
  Joe Barbush Novell
  Don Adams TIBCO

Membership Status Changes

  Maneesh Sahu Westbridge Technology - Requested membership 3/9/2004
  Steven Lewis Booz Allen Hamilton - Requested membership 3/9/2004
  Kate Cherry Lockheed Martin - Requested membership 3/17/2004
  Corinna Witt BEA - Requested membership 3/22/2004
  Vipin Samar Oracle - Lost voting status after 3/23/2004 call
  Jiafu Yu Sterling Commerce - Lost prospective status after 3/23/2004 call

Donald Flinn
Flint Security LLC
Phone: 781/856-7230
e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu

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