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Subject: WSS TC response to the negative vote cast during OASIS member voting

Dear Karl,

At our WSS TC meeting today we discussed the recent ballot to promote our specs to OASIS standard. In particular we discussed the one negative vote that was cast.

The TC member from the organization that cast that vote clarified his company's position on the e-mail list [1] which greatly helped the TC make an informed decision.

Based on this information and after a good discussion in the meeting, and on the e-mail list prior to the meeting, the TC today voted unanimously to request that the specification be advanced to OASIS standard. Further, the TC voted to address the comments raised in an errata or by other appropriate means as soon as possible. The TC is adding this issue to the list of issues being tracked.

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wss/200404/msg00033.html

Kelvin Lawrence & Chris Kaler

WSS TC co-chairs.

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