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Subject: RE: [wss] SAML profile and interop scenario documents notes

> Issue 2: Some scenarios in the doc do not use Conditions elements,
> others do. Should we be consistent? It seems like lifetime as
> thro conditions are fundamental to security tokens and as such MUST be
> required by our profiles and interop scenarios. Thoughts?

[MS] The interop document has only the SenderVouches:Unsigned scenario
as one that doesn't require processing of Conditions. Could we make the
Conditions element optional here but require processing if present?

Regarding different confirmation method names for sender-vouches, there
are already three different values for confirmation method elements for
Sender-Vouches:* in the Interop document:

      (Line-273,Page-11 , L-465,P-17, L-662,P-25)
      (Line-220,Page-9 , L-238,P-10 , L-404,P-16 , L-425,P-17)

The WSS SAML TP document lists only


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