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Subject: RE: [wss] REL Profile Lines 294-298: Use of MAY

> From: Michael McIntosh [mailto:mikemci@us.ibm.com] 
> In the following text is "MAY" used correctly? Seems like 
> "may" SHOULD be used ;-) Thanks, Mike

I think the normative MAY is correct here: the specification explicitly supports the interpretation described below. This actually infers a sort of MUST on the sender; because the receiver MAY attribute claims and authorship to the sender and/or signer, the sender/signer has to ensure that it is not a mistake for the receiver to make that inference.

> If the receiver determines that the sender has demonstrated 
> knowledge of a confirmation key as 294 specified in an 
> <r:keyHolder>, then the claims (found in the licenses) 
> pertaining to that 295 <r:keyHolder> MAY be attributed to the 
> sender. If one of these claims is an identity and if the 296 
> conditions of that claim are satisfied, then any elements of 
> the message whose integrity is 297 protected by the 
> confirmation key MAY be considered to have been authored by 
> that identity.

 - irving -

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