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Subject: Fw: Minutes from June 28th Meeting

John weiland sent me the minutes for the last call and I am posting them below - it seems his postings are not working ...


Good Afternoon Kelvin,
I sent this to the list and never saw it posted.
Minutes for WSS TC June  28, 2004.
1.  Meeting was called to order 10:15 AM; Kelvin Lawrence and Chris Kaler were in the Chair.  
John R. Weiland, US Navy, acted as recording secretary for this meeting.

Steve Anderson did Roll Call:
Attendance of voting members
 Gene Thurston AmberPoint
 Frank Siebenlist Argonne National Lab
 Merlin Hughes Betrusted
 Hal Lockhart BEA
 Konstantin Shmakov BEA
 Corinna Witt BEA
 Steven Lewis Booz Allen Hamilton
 Symon Chang CommerceOne
 Davanum Srinivas CA
 Thomas DeMartini ContentGuard
 Guillermo Lao ContentGuard
 Sam Wei Documentum
 John Hughes Entegrity
 Tim Moses Entrust
 Dana Kaufman Forum Systems
 Toshihiro Nishimura Fujitsu
 Kefeng Chen GeoTrust
 Irving Reid HP
 Kojiro Nakayama Hitachi
 Paula Austel IBM
 Derek Fu IBM
 Maryann Hondo IBM
 Kelvin Lawrence IBM
 Mike McIntosh IBM
 Anthony Nadalin IBM
 Nataraj Nagaratnam IBM
 Ron Williams IBM
 Don Flinn Individual
 Bob Morgan Individual
 Vijay Gajjala Microsoft
 Alan Geller Microsoft
 Chris Kaler Microsoft
 Ellen McDermott Microsoft
 Richard Levinson Netegrity
 Prateek Mishra Netegrity
 Frederick Hirsch Nokia
 Senthil Sengodan Nokia
 Abbie Barbir Nortel
 Charles Knouse Oblix
 Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
 Ramana Turlapati Oracle
 Ben Hammond RSA Security
 Andrew Nash RSA Security
 Blake Dournaee Sarvega
 Coumara Radja Sarvega
 Jeff Hodges Sun Microsystems
 Ronald Monzillo Sun Microsystems
 Jan Alexander Systinet
 John Weiland US Navy
 Phillip Hallam-Baker VeriSign
 Maneesh Sahu Westbridge Technology
Attendance of Prospective Members and Observers  

  Jamie Clark OASIS

Membership Status Changes

  Ed Reed Novell - Withdrew 6/19/2004
 TJ Pannu (formerly ContentGuard) - Changed employment after 6/15/2004 call

46 out of 59 voting members in attendance quorum met.
2. Last meeting's minutes accepted unanimously.
3.  Errata Status Review - Editors have draft of three errata documents posted.  Tony Nadalin - issues list, and mailing lists were reviewed since last approved document (in March)
to catch issues and typos that did not make it in as issues.  Documents split into Normative changes, Non-Normative changes and Clarifications (like explaination of URI fragment equating to full URI).

Proposed plan for errata is spending next two weeks discussing and fixing errata on mailing list, and voting acceptance at next conference call for posting on the web site.  Potential schema mismatches
was mentioned.  Should a new schema be issued, or would that be treated as other errata.  Leaving the schema as is would force everyone to correct their own schemas, changing the schema would create
a document different from the one voted on by the TC.  URI to updated schema could add an a at the end, this suggestion was well received.  New schema file will be worked by the editiors.

4.  Status of other profiles -
Ron Monzillo for SAML:  An issue presented by Tony Nadallin about wsu:Id created much debate.  There was also a previous issue about the description of the sender-
voucher example that requires more commentary - draft created with commentary in version 12 sent to list.

XrML/REL Token - waiting for public call
Kerberose - no changes an issue will be posted today, call for scenarious for interop made.
5.   Issue list review - version 43
3 closed
35 closed
Pending items skipped to be resolved in errata
254 closed added to document prior to publication
errata will be linked to items and emails that created them.  
281 closed addressed in errata

282 Tony was to propose text.  
Hal brought issue to TC:  The Document style structure currently puts all of the syntax in the schemas are in the Core document and the profiles add processing information and narrow choices.
Following that model changes, like the two new schema elements to be added to core and the rest to the username token profile which involves updating both documents.  Could we break with tradition   and put all information relating to key deriviation in the username profile only?  This idea was approved by the TC.

285 2nd draft is out, but needs more discussion.  Written as a separate profile with interoperability scenarious - Call to TC
290 Inconsistency in the KeyIdentifier encoding type default between core and SAML specifications. Core defines default of Base64Binary while SAML spec defines default to be xsi:string.
Outcome of debate was a friendly amendment stating:  Core also defines the unencoded string so the profiles will not have to redefine that themselves.  Any profile that does not have Base 64
will have to change, only one exists presently (SAML).  Issue pending Ron Monzillo with do write up and send to list.

295 Ramana Turlapati: Comments on SAML Token profile - sender vouches scenario is too complex.
Friendly amendment suggested Closed

295b Ramana Turlapati: Profile does not cover SAML "Bearer" tokens. Is this scoped for future?
Ron Monzillo send an answer to the list.  Debate will wait for use case.  Closed

297 Attachment Profile Question/Comment

296 Anthony Nadlin: Comments on SAML Token profile and ID usage.
The issue is:  STR with direct reference to a token element within same SOAP document.  An xml schema should not be required to dereference.  Should have the SAML token element wrap
the assertion or have a key identifier.  How do you make a direct reference to a SAML token in the message?

Plan is to add to Clarification to be rolled into future version.
SAML token profile mandates use of key identifier method of referencing local SAML tokens excluding use of the
direct reference method to local tokens other than wsu:Id.  14 yes 12 no 8 abstentions. motion carried.

Oasis is trying to work on public awareness.  Several is listed in email. Chairs are asked to choose to do public
interops at some venues.  Do we wish to take advantage of this?  Frederick mentions RSA confernce Feb 23 thru 27.

Discussion to the list.
Plan on comittee draft for SAML if there are no obvious concerns begin a KAVI vote immediately.
Meeting adjourned.
Very Respectfully,

John R. Weiland

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