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Subject: Re: [wss] URGENT Still need testimonials

Anthony Nadalin attests that "IBM Corporation has successfully implemented the OASIS Web Services Security REL Token Profile 1.0 specification in accordance with the OASIS IPR Policy."

Anthony Nadalin | Work 512.838.0085 | Cell 512.289.4122
Inactive hide details for Kelvin Lawrence/Austin/IBM@IBMUSKelvin Lawrence/Austin/IBM@IBMUS

          Kelvin Lawrence/Austin/IBM@IBMUS

          10/12/2004 10:54 AM





[wss] URGENT Still need testimonials

Folks we still need more testimonials so that we can complete the submission of SAML and REL Token Profiles to OASIS. I think we can make the 10/15 deadline if I get the testimonials (to the e-mail list please) today or tomorrow.

So far I have seen 2 posted for SAML and none for REL (I know one is pending)

The OASIS process requires us to have these - please help if you can


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