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Subject: [swa-interop1] SwA Interop 1 Prep E-mail

Hello Everyone,


If you’re a direct recipient of this e-mail, I’ve got you marked down as a participant for the first SwA interoperability event (Other than Kelvin & Chris).


Please “Reply All” to this thread to keep everyone in the loop. If you are not a direct recipient of this email thread, and would like to participate in the event, please send me an e-mail ASAP.


The list of participants includes the following:


1. Sun – Manveen Kaur (Scenario #1 Only)

2. Oracle – Ramana Turlapati

3. Cyclone Commerce – Dale Moberg & Jeff Turpin

4. IBM – Bruce Rich

5. Actional – Maneesh Sahu


The start date for the event is October 25th and we are scheduled to end the event on October 29th.


I’ve attached the latest version of the scenarios and made some last minute changes to resolve the double base-64 encoding issue. In short, I’ve removed the transform and pushed the base64 encoding to the MIME layer.


Here is a mini-FAQ:



Q: What about keys and certificates?

A: I had planned on using the same ones used for the WSS Interop 2, but the certificates expired in June of 2004. Can anyone volunteer a CA certificate, end-entity certificate, and matching private key? I’m fine with having one certificate used for both signing and encryption, but if everyone feels we need 2 certificates, we can go that route as well. Once we get these generated, I’ll post them to the e-mail thread.


Q: What about the WSDL file for the Ping Service?

A: I quickly edited the Ping WSDL file for Interop 2 and removed the ticket element construction since it is not used in these scenarios. The WSDL is in the PDF file and you should be able to copy and paste it if you need it. Let me know if there is a problem with the WSDL file. I haven’t tested it myself, so there may be a practical issue with it.


Q: What do I do when my endpoints are ready?

A: When your endpoints are up, send a message to the thread.


Q: The first two scenarios use a content type of JPG. Can I use any picture?

A: I don’t expect the actual picture used to matter much here, so any JPG will work.



Let me know if there are problems or questions/comments on the new draft of the profiles as well. It seems like we’re still changing the spec around and this is likely to have an effect on the interoperability event.


Blake Dournaee

Sarvega, Inc.




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