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Subject: ValueType of EncryptedKey STR


I think there's a problem with the order of sentences in the last 
paragraph in "7.7 Encrypted Key reference". This is referring to the 
WS-Security 1.1 spec version from June 28th.

Could it be that the sentence starting line 1083:

"...The ValueType attribute MUST be set to 

should be right after the first sentence of the paragraph, line 1076:

"The URI attribute value of the <wsse:Reference> element MUST be set to 
the value of the ID 1076
attribute of the referenced <xenc:EncryptedKey> element that contains 
the EncryptedKey."

Right now it sounds as if there must be two ValueType attributes with 
different values for STR/KeyIdentifier and none for STR/Reference, where 
it probably means to say STR/KeyIdentifier/@ValueType must be 
#EncryptedKey and STR/Reference/@ValueType must be #EncryptedKeySHA1.


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