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Subject: xml:id proposal

Here is a concrete proposal to add xml:id to WSS 1.1 core, in  
response to public review comment.

Line numbers below refer to latest draft which is public review with  
subsequent committee changes [1]

Add to section 4, ID References,

(1) Replace "attribute" at line 494 with

"attribute and the xml:id attribute [XMLID]."

XMLID is a reference to the W3C XML ID Recommendation, to be added to  
the references section of the document.

(2) Add additional bullet after line 500:
* Global xml:id attributes on elements

(3) Add following paragraph right before 4.1, after line 504

Tokens and elements that are defined in this specification and  
related profiles to use wsu:Id attributes should do so, additional  
profiles and other elements to be signed may choose to use xml:id or  
wsu:Id. All receivers MUST be able to identify XML elements carrying  
either a wsu:Id or an xml:id attribute as representing an attribute  
of schema type ID and process it accordingly.

(4) Add following to end of last paragraph in 4.1, at line 521

In addition, the xml:id attribute may be used. Applications MUST NOT  
specify both a wsu:ID and xml:id attribute on a single element, this  
is an XML requirement that only one attribute of type xsd:ID be  
specified on a single element.

(5) Change following into 4.2 Id Schema, at line 550:

  "this attribute definition into their parsers"

  "this attribute definition and that of xml:id into their parsers"

Attached is a red-lined PDF showing these changes in context, based  
on the public review draft (with the line added in the latest draft  
also marked).

I propose we resolve this issue at the 19 Sept WSS call, since that  
should allow better information regarding the status of xml:id  
reaching W3C Recommendation status (earliest date of Recommendation  
is 9 September).

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wss/download.php/ 


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