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Subject: Re: [wss] Re: [wss-comment] recursive Security Token References

That's correct Ron that the usage is a per reference instance, but since some tokens have closed content model there may be a need to associate a usage with them and since we have no general SecurityToken one uses a STR with a usage attribute on a token, the usage of wsse:embedded allows any token otherwise there is no element to contain a token that does not fit the type define in WSS.

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          09/01/2005 12:33 PM
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Re: [wss] Re: [wss-comment] recursive Security Token References

Anthony Nadalin wrote:
> Ron, I don't see that inconsistency, we went through these usecases for
> embedded, and there are cases where you want to be able to put a usage
> attribute on a token and include that in-line as you need a way to then
> reference that in that usage context.

any usage attributes pertain to the reference not the token; independent
of whether or not the token is embedded.

How does a need yo hang usage attributes on an str, create a need for
the embedded str?

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