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Subject: Comments on WSS 1.1 Public Review Drafts

Comments on public review drafts (28 June 2005)

WSS 1.1 SOAP Message Security 


(1) It seems that attributes introduced in WSS 1.1 require use of the namespace (wsse11)
but attributes introduced in WSS 1.0 do not. If this understanding is correct (we havent
been able to find the WSS 1.1 schema), it seems worthwhile to indicate this someplace 
in the specification (Section 14?).

(2) Lines 1418-1422 are confusing, especially the very first sentence which describes
normative behavior of non-conformant implementations(!). We suggest that the first
sentence be deleted and the second sentence begin with

"Conformant responders MUST include at least one <wsse11:SignatureConfirmation> .."


(1) We are unable to find a schema file for wsse11 attributes and elements. 

(2) line 1083, s/ValueType/TokenType/ as this an STR attribute

(3) line 1088-1090, its not clear which element is linked to the "ValueType" attribute.

X.509 Token Profile

(1) lines 255, "X.509 thumbprint extension", rfc 2459 does not provide a definition
for this term. Is there a normative definition of this term available?

(2) [PKIPATH] reference is broken.

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