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Subject: Re: [wss] xml:id proposal

I support Frederick's proposal, nominally as-amended by Paul.

In terms of the proposed ammendments to the proposal, on item (3), in terms of 
the proposed revised text, there is a SHOULD and a MAY that ought to be 

   Tokens and elements that are defined in this specification and
   related profiles to use wsu:Id attributes SHOULD do so, additional
   profiles and other elements to be signed MAY choose to use xml:id or
   wsu:Id. ...

WRT this assertion..

 > Rationale: We cannot make support of xml:id mandatory since it breaks
 > backwards compatibility with WSS 1.0 and it is inappropriate to force
 > implementers to support xml:id so soon after it becomes a
 > Recommendation.

...it has me wondering this meta-question: "what's the point of WSSv1.1 if we 
don't see any need for folks to update their toolkits? If they're in there 
changing them, adding support for xml:id likely isn't that hard."

i.e. why can't we have language that effective says "All receivers MUST be able 
to identify XML elements carrying either a wsu:Id or an xml:id attribute" ?

But, I can live with it being a "SHOULD".

I will not be able to make the Tue 6-Sep WSSTC concall, unfortunately, due to 

If a decision on this proposal comes down to a roll-call vote, I request it 
done via email or punted to the next meeting. I don't know if I personally will 
have regained voting privs in any case, but I understand that various folks may 
not be able to make this coming Tues meeting (eg this Mon is a US holiday), and 
would like to see this issue get the broadest participation we can provide as I 
think it has long-term subtle-but-important implications.



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