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Subject: Re: [wss] WSS 1.1 Interop report

Martin Gudgin wrote:

>Here is the interop report for the recent OASIS WSS 1.1 Interop event.
>4 parties participated. Interop was achieved between all 4 parties.
>The following issues arose;
>1.	Lines 1713-1741 (Section 9.4.4) define processing rules for
>wsse11:EncryptedHeader. During interop testing it was identified that
>some implementations expected
>wsse11:EncryptedHeader/xenc:EncryptedData/@Type to be present while
>other implementations did not emit such an attribute. Given that neither
>#Element nor #Content match the semantics of wsse11:EncryptedHeader we
>propose that the following text be added to section 9.4.4;
>	"wsse11:EncryptedHeader/xenc:EncryptedData elements SHOULD NOT
>carry a Type attribute. Implementations MUST process
>wsse11:EncryptedHeader/xenc:EncryptedData elements in the absence of a
>Type attribute"
>Note: 3 of the 4 parties to the interop support the above proposal.

We are concerned that this proposed change breaks the following text 
from XML -ENC:

[quote - Section 3.1: http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlenc-core/ ]
|Type| is an optional attribute identifying type information about the 
plaintext form of the encrypted content. While optional, this 
specification takes advantage of it for mandatory processing described 
in Processing Rules: Decryption <#sec-Processing-Decryption> (section 
4.2). If the |EncryptedData| element contains data of |Type| 'element' 
or element 'content', and replaces that data in an XML document context, 
it is strongly recommended the |Type| attribute be provided. Without 
this information, the decryptor will be unable to automatically restore 
the XML document to its original cleartext form.

Our reading of WSS and XML-ENC suggests that we should retain use of the 
Type attribute with value set to "element".

- prateek

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