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Subject: OTP Discussion

We need to find a way to close on the OTP Profile proposal. We have not had much list traffic on this in the past several weeks but today on the call there were clearly several very strong opinions raised. I apologise that we ran out of time today. At the end of the call we tried to start an e-Vote on the proposal as posted but there were objections to that e-Vote also. Therefore, we really need to discuss this here on the list in the next few days so that we can get a decision for the folks that have introduced the proposal no later than the next call. Please would people use this e-mail to start that discussion.  Please raise any objections you have here or likewise express support here.  This list is not in anyway a binding vote but at least we can get the discussion moving. It's hard to close tings like this when there is no list traffic prior to the calls. At the next meeting we need to have a vote to resolve this proposal one way or the other. Please come to the next meeting prepared to vote. Also, if people have proposed wording for the vote (there was a lot of discussion around that today also) please post it and debate it here. It would be nice if we could have a draft of the text for a motion ready before the next call as a result of e-mail discussions here. Thanks.


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