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Subject: Re: [wss] [draft] OASIS WSS TC Minutes 2005-09-20 Rev 2 for comment and correction

Thanx to both Jeff (for point out the ambiguity) and Frederick (for  
supplying the clarification) to issue 334, which has now been  
incorporated into the minutes.

I do not have the individual votes for the tally of the issue. Don,  
can you supply?


Minutes 9.20.05r2.opml

WSS-TC 9.20.2005 Rev 2 Bi-Weekly CC:  
MINUTES                              Action
- [+] 1 Call to order/roll  
call                                             9.20.05 9:10:13 AM CDT
           Minutes: Ron Williams, IBM
           Roll Call: Don Flinn (*attendance in appendix)
           31 of 21 voting members required for quorum - quorum achieved

           Discussion of OTP moving up on Agenda
           8:40 PDT scheduled for OTP (Chris Kaler)
- [+] 2 Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (9.6) [1]
           Minutes approved by unanimous consent
- [+] 3 Review of actions from prior meeting minutes  
[1]                    9.20.05 9:34:02 AM CDT
           9.06.01 - SAML Interop to archive Rich Levinsion has seen  
it in the archive
           *.02. - Monzillo and Gudge to take action to resolve
           *.03. - Issue 405, 429, 430: No revised text (AN).
           *.04 - Vijay - Open
           *.05 - Frederick (msg 69) CLOSED
           *.06 - List for public comments on 1.1 (Initial Draft) CLOSED
           *.07 - Tony - comments for 432 - CLOSED (432 pending review)
           8.23.04 - Text for 427 (Gudge) -
           End of action items
- [+] 4 Issue list  
review                                                   9.20.05  
9:34:31 AM CDT
           334 - XML ID - (Spirited Discussion) "Should" vs "May" use  
xml:id vs WS:UID; Frederick's amendment w/
           Tony's addition/clarification.
           Paul Cotton Motion: "This combination," eliminate  
"optional," and fold into Frederick's Last -
           Unanimous Consent?
               Ron Monzillo Object's
           Roll-Call Vote: Don Flinn
           13 yes, 4 no, 8 abstain - Motion Carries:9.20.05 10:10:12  

           Clarification by Frederick Hirsch:
           Clarification for minutes, item #4 issue 334:

           Motion that was accepted was to adopt Frederick's email  
proposal [1]
           with the first item #4 in that proposal changed to the  
following text:

           "Tokens and elements that are defined in this  
specification and
           related profiles to use wsu:Id attributes SHOULD use  
wsu:Id. Elements
           to be signed MAY use xml:id or wsu:Id, and use of xml:id  
MAY be
           specified in profiles. All receivers MUST be able to  
identify XML
           elements carrying a wsu:Id attribute as representing an  
attribute of
           schema type ID and process it accordingly.

           All receivers MAY be able to identify XML elements with a  
           attribute as
           representing an id attribute and process it accordingly.  
           SHOULD use
           wsu:Id and MAY use xml:id. Note that use of xml:id in  
conjunction with
           inclusive canonicalization may be inappropriate, as noted  
in [XMLID]
           and thus this combination
           SHOULD be avoided."

           394 - for SAML Interop (closed in action items)
           406 - CLOSED
           408 - (fixed in draft 01) CLOSED
           409 - (fixed in ...) CLOSED
           410 - (U/P fixed) CLOSED
           411 - (Cored fixed in latest) CLOSED
           413 - (Value Attr fixed in latest Kerb Spec) CLOSED
           414 - (Pending Review -Clarify) CLOSED
           415 - (Fixed in latest) CLOSED
           416 - (URI for U/N Token - fixed in latest) CLOSED
           417 - (Serialize salt -fixed in latest) CLOSED
           418 - (Info field - fixed in latest) CLOSED
           420 - (X509 - thumb sha1 - fixed in latest) CLOSED
           421 - (X509 - min cert req's - fixed) CLOSED
           422 - (X509 - URI fixed) CLOSED
           423 - (X509 Value tyupe URI fixed) CLOSED
           424 - (X509 delete lines - fixed ) CLOSED
           425 - (Comment on SAML Token Profile - fixed) PENDING REVIEW
           426 - (fixed) CLOSED
           end of pending

           OPEN Items:
           338 - No Change
           404 - No Objection to option 2 of gudges proposal. Editors  
to make change, move to PENDING. (Tony: do
           we need a new URI here?) Moved to PENDING
           427 - OPEN
           429 - Editorial: This is a intricately bound to 405. PENDING
           430 - Marked "Editorial" - Moved to PENDING REVIEW
           431 - X509 - Remains OPEN
           432 - Pending req's on core - moved to PENDING REVIEW
           433 - WSSE with WSSE 1.1 - moved to PENDING REVIEW
           434 - Schema Corrections in SAML Token Profile -update in  
draft 7 posted last night, moved to PENDING
           435 - 435 and 431 are linked , resolution of one is  
resolution of the other (Gudge)
           436 - to PENDING REVIEW
           437 - to PENDING REVIEW
           438 - Pub on SAML 1.1 - to PENDING REVIEW
           439 - Comment on Core 2009 ref'd but not cited: moved to  
           440 - Technical - msg 61 9.2005 Point this to msg 61 - OPEN
           441 - OPEN
           442 - CLOSED
           443 - Comment on WSU TImestamp Description: moved to  
PENDING - Editors to Make Changes
- [+] 5 Public review status/outlook
           Compiling list - Finished
- [+] 6 One Time Password Proposal [2]
           Discussion - How much pertains to Authentication, and how  
much to WSS? What needs to be the result, a
           def of URI describing algo?
           John - a profile functionally equivalent to other  
authentication profiles.
           Paul - believes OTP out of scope - msg sent to list.  
Proposes a new TC by the proposers to do this
           work. Discussion of Charter Amendment to expand scope to  
encompass this proposal.
           Paul: Extensibility Point
           Kelvin - Agree to identify on what we're voting . . .

           Accept proposal as sub-committee to handle OTP.
           Hans Moved to e-Vote on on proposal as stands, Ron  
Williams (IBM) seconds the motion.
           Objection - Tony wants discussion of sub-committee issues.  
Motion does not Carry.
           Discussion to start on the list.

- [+] 7 Other business
           Late Roll-Call
- [+] 8 Adjournment
           9.20.05 11:09:05 AM CDT
- [+] 9 APPENDIX
     - [+] Attendance
               Attendance of Voting Members

               Maneesh        Sahu             Actional Corporation
               Duane             Nickull        Adobe
               Gene             Thurston        AmberPoint
               Hal             Lockhart        BEA Systems, Inc.
               Denis             Pilipchuk        BEA Systems, Inc.
               Rich             Levinson        Computer Associates
               Thomas        DeMartini        ContentGuard
               Dana             Kaufman        Forum Systems, Inc.
               Toshihiro          Nishimura        Fujitsu Limited
               Kefeng        Chen             GeoTrust
               Irving        Reid             Hewlett-Packard
               Kojiro        Nakayama        Hitachi
               Derek             Fu             IBM
               Maryann        Hondo             IBM
               Kelvin        Lawrence        IBM
               Mike             McIntosh        IBM
               Anthony        Nadalin        IBM
               Ron             Williams        IBM
               Don             Flinn             Individual
               Paul             Cotton        Microsoft Corporation
               Vijay             Gajjala         Microsoft Corporation
               Martin        Gudgin        Microsoft Corporation
               Chris             Kaler             Microsoft Corporation
               Frederick         Hirsch        Nokia Corporation
               Abbie             Barbir        Nortel
               Vamsi             Motukuru        Oracle Corporation
               Martijn        de Boer        SAP
               Ben             Hammond        RSA Security
               Rob             Philpott        RSA Security
               Pete             Wenzel        SeeBeyond
               Ronald        Monzillo        Sun Microsystems
               Hans             Granqvist        VeriSign
               John             Linn             RSA Security


               Jeff             Hodges        NeuStar, Inc.
               Sam             Wei             Documentum
               Steve             Anderson        BMC Software
               Will              Raymond        Tibco

               Lost Voting Status after the 9/20/05 call

               Nataraj        Nagaratnam        IBM
               Blake             Dournaee        Sarvega


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