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Subject: Attribute Requirements on wss11:SignatureConfirmation ( was [wss-comment] Public Comment )

Dear TC, Peter,

This is my mistake. The normative spec text is correct. I got the
attribute requirements the wrong way round in the XSD file. 

The complexType definition should read as follows;

<xs:complexType name="SignatureConfirmationType">
 <xs:attribute ref="wsu:Id" use="required" /> 
 <xs:attribute name="Value" type="xs:base64Binary" use="optional" /> 



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Sent: 26 January 2006 09:11
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Subject: [wss-comment] Public Comment

Comment from: peter.hendry@capeclear.com

Name: Peter Hendry

Title: Principal Engineer

Organization: Cape Clear Software Inc.

Regarding Specification:

The specification states in section 8.5 


    This optional attribute contains the contents of a

but in the schema the Value attribute is defined as "required".

Second, in the same section 


    ...This attribute MUST be present so that un-ambiguous references
can be made to this <wsse11:SignatureConfirmation> element"

The wsu:Id attribute is defined in the schema for SignatureConfirmation
as "optional". I assume if this id is only to identify the signature
confirmation it should be optional as there should be no need to make it
required in the case there is no refefence to the element.

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