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Subject: [xacml-comment] Hi, questions about XACML, please help


I'm new to XACML. I have some questions, would you please throw me some
light on them?

1. What does 'Profile' mean in XACML document? (Section 9 in XACML Working
Draft 14)   Does the 9.4 LDAP Directory information tree (DIT) have some
relationship to the XACML Context?

2. About XACML Context
      2.1   Supposely XACML Context should be an abstraction of the
different application environments. But the Context schema only contains
definitions for request and response. Where should the application data
model be specified? In the request? I think something like <record...> in
3.2 of  XACML Working Draft 14 is necessary for request and policy.

      2.2   What's the relationship between request/response defined in
XACML Context and request/response defined in SAML?

            - 3.3 of  XACML Working Draft 14 use a SAML request, not a
XACML request, why?

            - SAML request uses <NameIdentifer> for subject, URI for
resource, while XACML request use <SubjectAttribute> for subject,
<ResourceAttribute> for resource. What's the difference?

      2.3   It seems that the XACML policies use some XPath expressions on
the XACML Context (requests?) to reference the attributes (of
subject/resource/actoin/etc), while XACML Context (requests?) uses XPath
expressions on a specific application environment (for example, the xml
instance in 3.2 of  XACML Working Draft 14) to specify the
subject/resource/action/...   Is this right?

Thanks a lot!!

Best Regards,

Yang Shunxiang, 杨顺祥
IBM China Research Lab
4F, HaoHai, #7, 5th Street, Shangdi, BEIJING, 100085, CHINA
TEL:    86-10-62986677 ext. 545
FAX:    86-10-82899634
E-mail: yangsx@cn.ibm.com

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