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Subject: [xacml-comment] Invitation

> I would like to invite you to participate into the special session 
> "Web Services Security" in the First International Conference on 
> Web Services (ICWS'03): http://tab.computer.org/tfec/icws03 
> Thanks a lot, <<CFP.txt>> 
> Patrick C. K. Hung
> Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

SPECIAL SESSION: Web Services Security

In the First International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'03)

June 23 - 26, 2003
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The 2003 International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'03) will be held 
in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 23 - 26, 2003. It is the first international 
conference focusing on Web Services. The ICWS'03 is a forum for researchers 
and industry practioner to exchange information regarding advancements in 
the state of the art and practice of Web Services, as well as to identify 
the emerging research topics and define the future of Web Services computing. 
The ICWS'03 Conference will be held simultaneously (ie, same location and 
dates) with a number of other international conferences and workshops 
(CISST'03, IC-AI'03, IC'03, METMBS'03, CIC'03, ...; see 
http://www.ashland.edu/~iajwa/conferences/ for the complete list).

Web services are Internet-based, modular applications that provide standard 
interfaces and communication protocols for efficient and effective business 
application integration. Typical application areas are business-to-business 
integration, business process integration and management, content management, 
e-sourcing, composite Web Service creation, and design collaboration for 
computer engineering. Currently, Grid computing has also started to leverage 
Web services to define standard interfaces for business services like business 
process outsourcing, a higher level outsourcing mode of e-business on demand.


SESSION CHAIR: Patrick C. K. Hung and Christine O'Keefe, 
               Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation, 
               Patrick.Hung@csiro.au and Christine.OKeefe@csiro.au 

Some studies show that the Web services market is expected to grow to USD$28
billion in sales in the coming three years. The major barrier that prevents
many business organizations from implementing or employing Web services is
the security concerns. Referring to a prior Web Services conference, informal
polls showed that security was the top issue among those IT executives (45.5%)
considering Web Services. Since security is an essential and integral part of
many business processes, the Web service has to manage and execute the
activities in a secure way. As is the case in many other applications, the
information processed in Web services might be commercially sensitive and it
is similarly important to protect this information against security threats
such as disclosure to unauthorized parties. The objectives of this session are
to provide a platform for the researchers from both industry and academy to
present and discuss their research results, and also to identify the future
research topics in this field.

This technical session mainly focuses on research results that address modeling,
architectural, theoretical, technical, experimental, and practical issues in Web
Services Security. Specific topics include but are NOT limited to:

* Web Services Security Standards (e.g., XACML, XrML, XKML, ebXML Security and 
* Web Services Security Policy and Approach
* XML Encryption and Digital Signatures
* Secure SOAP Messaging (e.g., WS-Security, SAML and etc.)
* Security Token Exchange between Web Services
* Secure UDDI Management
* Secure Matchmaking between Web Services and Activities
* Secure Delegation of Activities between web Services
* Security and Privacy Issues at Web Services Endpoint Properties (e.g., WSEL, 
  WS-Policy, WS-PolicyAttachment, Ws-SecurityPolicy, WS-PolicyAssertions and etc.)
* Negotiation, Quality and Cost of Web Services Security
* Web Services Security Risk Management and Evaluation
* Secure Open Grid Service Architecture
* Security and Privacy Issues in Web Services Applications
* Case Studies of Implementing Web Services Security (e.g., .Net Framework,
  Java/C#/C++/VB/ASP Platform, PKI and etc.)
* Trust Web Services Requestor and Provider Model (e.g., WS-Trust, 
  WS-SecureConversation and etc.)
* Future Research Topics (e.g., WS-Privacy, WS-Federation, Ws-Authorization and etc.)


Prospective authors are invited to submit their draft paper (about 5 pages -
single space, font size of 10 to 12) in PDF or Word format to Patrick C. K. Hung
or Christine O'Keefe (addresses are given below) by the due date. E-mail and Fax
submissions are also acceptable. The length of the Camera-Ready papers (if
accepted) will be limited to 7 (IEEE style) pages. Papers must not have been
previously published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere. The first
page of the draft paper should include: title of the paper, name, affiliation,
postal address, E-mail address, telephone number, and Fax number for each
author. The first page should also include the name of the author who will be
presenting the paper (if accepted) and a maximum of 5 keywords.


Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and soundness.
Each paper will be refereed by two researchers in the topical area. The Camera
-Ready papers will be reviewed by one person.


The conference proceedings will be published by CSREA Press (ISBN) in hardcopy.
The proceedings will be available at the conference. Some accepted papers will
also be considered for journal publication (soon after the conference). (In
addition to the hardcopy, it is also planned to publish the papers on a CD.) All
conference proceedings published by CSREA Press are considered for inclusion in
major database indexes that are designed to provide easy access to the current
literature of the sciences (database examples: ISI Thomson Scientific, IEE
INSPEC, ...).


Patrick C. K. Hung
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences (CMIS)
GPO Box 664, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
Ph: +612 6216 7031, Fax: +612 6216 7111
Email: Patrick.Hung@csiro.au

Christine O'Keefe
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences (CMIS)
GPO Box 664, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
Ph: +612 6216 7021, Fax: +612 6216 7111
Email: Christine.OKeefe@csiro.au


February 17, 2003 (Monday): Draft papers due
March 14, 2003 (Friday):    Notification of acceptance
April 22, 2003 (Tuesday):   Camera-Ready papers & Pre-registration due
June 23-26, 2003:           ICWS'03 International Conference

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