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Subject: Re: [xacml-comment] D006 & D008

On Thursday, January 16, 2003, at 06:32  AM, Anne Anderson wrote:

> The result of the <Policy> that contains the mustbepresent
> missing attribute is (Indeterminate, missing-attribute), but
> there is another <Policy> in the <PolicySet> that results in a
> true Deny.

Ah, Ok.

> According to the definition of Deny-overrides, which is the
> <PolicySet> combining-algorithm in th
>  a) In the entire set of policies in the policy set, if any
>     policy evaluates to "Deny", then the result of the policy
>     combination SHALL be "Deny"...

Ok, but we evaluate the Indeterminate before the Deny

>  b) if the policy evaluation results in "Indeterminate", then the
>     policy set SHALL evaluate to "Deny".'

Ah... ok... My mistake was to add the status code
from the Indeterminate result to the Deny result... getting (Deny,
missing-attribute) or (Deny, processing-error) instead of (Deny,

Thanks for the detailed explanation!


> This seems pretty clear to me.  Applying either a) or b) results
> in "Deny".
> In fact, there is no way defined by the policy-combining
> "Deny-overrides" algorithm for a result of "Indeterminate" to be
> returned, which was the intent of the designers of this
> algorithm.  Indeterminate CAN be returned from a rule that uses
> the rule-combining "Deny-overrides" algorithm, but that is not
> the case in these two tests.

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