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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: gerald.brose@xtradyne.com


when determining the applicable policy, only the 
policy target and the rules in the policies are 
considered. I am currently trying to map policies 
to XACML that have "lifetime" conditions on the 
policy itself (such as as activation date and an 
expiration date), which could be modeled a lot 
simpler if the XACML model and syntax allowed me
to attach a condition to the policy element.

Without it, I need to include the common
activation/expiration date in every single rule of
that policy (unless I have overlooked a more 
elegent design alternative).

It is of course arguable if this example alone 
mandates a general extension of the base XACML 
model, but there may also be cases where one would
want conditions on the policy computed (as the
OR-expression of the rule conditions). This makes 
sense if there are common elements in the 
conditions of all rules, which could then be
factored out.

My apologies if this case this has been discussed 
at length on the TC list. Thanks for any 
references on this issue.

Regards, Gerald Brose.
Dr. Gerald Brose        mailto:brose@xtradyne.com 
Xtradyne Technologies   http://www.xtradyne.com
Schoenhauser Allee 6-7, Phone: +49-30-440 306-27 D-10119 Berlin, Germany Fax  : +49-30-440 306-78 

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