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Subject: RE: [xacml-comment] Public Comment

Hi Kiran,

In my understanding the you will have a single Resource element if you
ask for a single resource in the Request. You can ask for multiple
resources using hierarchical resources. If you ask for a single resource
there's no need to say what is the resource that you have been granted
to, but if you ask for multiple resources you will receive a single
Result element for each Resource requested with the ResourceId specified
and the Decission for each one.

As you can request access over a resource for a single Action, the
action is implicit in the "context", is the same ActionId placed in the
Request document so there's no need to place it in the response.

This is what you asked for?

Diego Gonzalez
Lagash Systems SA

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Comment from: kiran@objectedge.com

As per xacml specification, Response element contains one or more Result
element. And result element contains ResourceId (as attribute v/s
element as in Request!), Decision, Status and Obligations. But it
doesn't contain Action? Also ResourceId is not explicit attribute of


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