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Subject: More questions about new version 2.0

I finished the reviewing of the WD12 and I have the following questions.

When I was working on the implementation for the 1.1 spec I found that
there is no information about the current node for the Xpath
expressions. The Xpath expressions can make reference to absolute root
(/doc/node@attrib) or a relative root (../parent@attrib) nodes. The
Xpath spec calls the "context node". Since the AttributeSelector
contains an Xpath its important to stablish which is the "context node"
specially if relative location paths are supported. Are you planing
adding this to the spec?

Missing VariableReference
What is the expected behavior when the VariableReference references to a
variable that does not exists? Is there any MissinVariable element in
the Result?

How are you planing to manage the different version of the schemas. Are
you going to define a new schema with a new namespace xx:xx:2.0 or you
will create a new schema that extends the previous one with the
extesions or restrictions to the elements?

Diego Gonzalez
Lagash Systems SA

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