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Subject: Re: [xacml-comment] More questions about new version 2.0

Hi diego,
 comments inline.

On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Diego M. Gonzalez wrote:

> I finished the reviewing of the WD12 and I have the following questions.
> AttributeSelector
> When I was working on the implementation for the 1.1 spec I found that
> there is no information about the current node for the Xpath
> expressions. The Xpath expressions can make reference to absolute root
> (/doc/node@attrib) or a relative root (../parent@attrib) nodes. The
> Xpath spec calls the "context node". Since the AttributeSelector
> contains an Xpath its important to stablish which is the "context node"
> specially if relative location paths are supported. Are you planing
> adding this to the spec?

I'm not an expert on this Xpath stuff. Somebody more proficient in this
may be able to answer.

> Missing VariableReference
> What is the expected behavior when the VariableReference references to a
> variable that does not exists? Is there any MissinVariable element in
> the Result?

This is a malformed policy and should not type check. If you don't do
typechecking, I guess the "behavior" would be to raise an Indeterminate

> Versioning
> How are you planing to manage the different version of the schemas. Are
> you going to define a new schema with a new namespace xx:xx:2.0 or you
> will create a new schema that extends the previous one with the
> extesions or restrictions to the elements?

I think there will be a new schema identiifer, correct?


> Thanks,
> Diego Gonzalez
> Lagash Systems SA
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