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Subject: Errata in "SAML 2.0 profile of XACML"

Eve Maler and I compared the Committee Specifications for

- SAML 2.0 Core,
- SAML 2.0 Profiles (XACML section), and
- SAML protocol and assertion schemas

with the

- XACML 2.0 Core, and
- SAML 2.0 profile of XACML, and associated schemas

We found no errors in the XACML section of SAML 2.0 Profiles,
XACML 2.0 core, or in any of the schemas.

Eve found minor errors in the SAML 2.0 Core, which she has
reported to the SSTC.

We found a few errors in the "SAML 2.0 profile of XACML":

1. Line 378: "When a <saml:AttributeAssertion> is used to
   construct an XACML Attribute, the string value of the
   <saml:Issuer> element SHALL be used as the value of the XACML
   issuer XML attribute, so the SAML value SHOULD be specified
   with this in mind."

   Change "SHALL" to "will".  This sentence is merely describing
   behavior specified in Section 2.1 that has implications for
   the SAML value, and is not imposing a requirement here.

3. Line 414: "6   Element <samlp:Request> (normative)"

   Change "<samlp:Request>" to "<samlp:RequestAbstractType>"

4. Line 416: "...SHALL be encapsulated in a <sampl:Request>
   element, which MAY be signed."

   Change "<samlp:Request>" to "<samlp:RequestAbstractType>

5. Line 417: "Most components of a <samlp:Request> are fully
   specified in the SAML 2.0 specification..."

   Change "<samlp:Request>" to "<samlp:RequestAbstractType>"

6. Line 420: "Except as specified here, this Profile imposes no
   requirements or restrictions on information in the the
   <samlp:Request> element

   Change "<samlp:Request>" to "<samlp:RequestAbstractType>"

7. There is no section addressing how to use <EncryptedData>
   (described in Section 6 of SAML Core specification) with
   SAML <Attribute> or <Assertion> elements used as part of the
   XACML Profile.

   Should we add a section for this?  The XACML Profile imposes
   no restrictions or requirements on the SAML Core except where
   XACML requires different or specific handling of SAML
   elements.  Encryption does not affect XACML's use of SAML in
   any way that is different from the general way encryption
   affects any use of SAML elements, so perhaps this is not

   My recommendation is that no new section or other material be
   added for SAML encryption considerations.

I noticed two typographical errors:

8. Line 392-393: typo "The subject of the statement (s) in the

   Change to "statement(s)".

9. Line 426: font "SHALL be"

   Is currently in the font used for schema elements; change to
   normal text font.

There were other mentions of "SAML Request" shown below.  These
did not refer to a specific schema element, but were referring to
the general SAML Request and Response mechanisms, and so Eve and
I recommend not changing these.  I am including them here in case
others have a different opinion.

10. Line 93: definition of "AttributeQuery"

   "A standard SAML Request used for requesting one or more..."

11. Line 98: definition of "XACMLPolicyQuery"

   "A SAML Request extension, defined in this profile."

12. Line 103: definition of "XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery"

   "A SAML Request extension, defined in this profile."

13. Line 252: "In order to allow a PEP to use the SAML Request and
   Response syntax..."

14. Line 256: "It allows a PEP to submit an XACML Request in a
   SAML Request along with other information."

15. Line 267: "It allows a SAML Request to convey an XACML Request
   Context instance."

16. Line 330: "The <XACMLPolicyQuery> element is used by a PDP to
   request one or more XACML Policy or PolicySet instances from
   an on-line Policy Administration Point as part of a SAML

17. Line 347: "...in a SAML Response to an <XACMLPolicyQuery> SAML

Anne Anderson
Anne H. Anderson             Email: Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive,UBUR02-311     Tel: 781/442-0928
Burlington, MA 01803-0902 USA  Fax: 781/442-1692

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