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Subject: XACML 3.0 wd 8 (was: Re: [xacml-comment] XACML 3.0 wd 7)

Erik Rissanen schrieb:
> BTW, you are very welcome to give the new algorithms a thorough review.
> We really appreciate more eye balls which can spot mistakes. :-)

In the pseudo code of deny-overrides, there is a duplicate variable
called "decision". I would call the parameter "decisions", since it is
an array. And (as a really minor issue), I would put the array brackets
at the right of the type name, not the variable: Decision[] decisions.

I would also remove all those unnecessary curly braces. They only make
the code look more bloated than it really is.

To add some good words in between: I really like the decision to unify
the combining algorithms using the Indeterminate{...} notation. It feels
to me like the most elegant way to do it.


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