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Subject: Comment on XACML-XSPA

I am a healthcare specialist and am the co-chair of the HITSP security, privacy and Infrastructure committee that has requested OASIS work on XSPA. I thus understand the overall goal of XSPA and have provided input to the XSPA and SAML committees. These comments to the SAML-XSPA specification will affect the XACML-xspa-1.0-pr01 specification in Section 2.11 and section 3.2.1.


However I can not figure out what the XSPA profile of XACML is delivering. When I look for normative statements the only ones I find are restatements of underlying standards. I don’t understand what transaction in Figure 1 is being specified.





John Moehrke
Principal Engineer: Interoperability and Security
GE Healthcare


M +1 920 912 8451



9900 Innovation Drive

Mailstop 2142 

Wauwatosa, WI  53226


GE imagination at work


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