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Subject: Re: [xacml-comment] Permissable function arguments for the any-of-any function

Hi Erik,

On 16/02/2012 3:10 AM, Erik Rissanen wrote:
Hi Steven,

Yes, it's just a typo.

Thanks. I assumed so. It's just that I had a developer challenge me
to justify the assumption.

> It's clear from the description of the any-of-any function that the argument function
receives atomic values only since there are no bags of bags in XACML.

I was actually thinking that if the omission were deliberate (and you've
explained that it was not), then a component of the tuple could be
either a primitive value or a bag containing just the primitive value,
to suit the needs of the argument function. The description of the
tuple and the procedure of taking the cross-product is sufficiently
vague to allow such an interpretation, however unlikely.

For the record, there is no value in supporting such complexity since a
boolean function taking a bag argument with only one member can generally
be replaced by a type-equal function operating on the primitive value
directly. That line of thinking reinforced my belief that the omission
was not deliberate, but it's hard to settle an argument with a belief.


Best regards,

On 2012-01-29 23:35, Steven Legg wrote:

The description of the any-of-any function in Appendix A.3.12 of
the Committee Specification 1 version of the XACMLv3 core specification
describes the first argument as naming "a Boolean function that takes
n arguments" in contrast to the other higher-order bag functions where
the first argument names "a Boolean function that takes n arguments of
primitive types". I assume that the omission of the "of primitive types"
in the description of the any-of-any function is just an editorial
oversight. If not, then there needs to be a better description of how
named functions that take bag arguments are to be applied by the
any-of-any function.


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