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Subject: XPathCategory During Reduction

The procedure for administrative request generation in Section 4.5 of the XACML
v3.0 Administration and Delegation Profile Version 1.0 Committee Specification
01 does not account for the category URI in XPathCategory XML attributes.

In order to ensure the correct evaluation of any attribute selectors or XPath
functions in administrative policies, attribute values of the xpathExpression
data-type should have their XPathCategory XML attribute mapped. If the
XPathCategory URI value refers to a Category that is mapped according to step
1.d., then that URI value should be prefixed with

This only looks to be necessary for attribute values within <Attributes>
elements that are mapped according to 1.d. (so the contents are not identical
anymore). The <Attributes> elements in 1.a. and 1.c. disappear and the
XPathCategory attributes within the <Attributes> element in 1.b. would have
been mapped previously.

With regard to my earlier message about the problem of concatenating a URN
and a URI, solution (3) would entail adding an XPathCategoryPrefix XML
attribute alongside the XPathCategory attribute.


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