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Subject: PIP - comments/questions


I've a few comments/questions regarding to XACML. If this is the wrong mailing list, let me know.

  1. The most XACML-Implementations, that I saw, integrated the PIP's into the PDP. I think that is no good solution, but the devs had not choice:
    On the one hand the meaning of the context handler isn't really described as importent as I guess it is. On the other hand there is no XML/JSON-specification how to request a PIP. So when PDP and PEP/context handler are on two machines, then the PIP has to be on the the PDP machine and cannot be on a third machine (e.g. as microservice).
    Why is there no detailed PIP definition?
  2. It's not really clear defined what's the recommended way to retreive missing attributes in XACML. PIP's or Response Status Detail?
  3. I think it would be usefull, if an AttributeDesignator has an optional "_expression_" and "expressionType" attribute, so PIP's could use them for SQL-queries or Spring _expression_ Language etc.
  4. Why are VariableDefinitions only for policies and not policySets?
thank you and best regards

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