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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] XACML 2

Hi Diego.

> Have you started with the conformance tests? Do you want to use a
> common place to store them so any implementor can get the tests, and
> provide feedback about them?

Like Anne said, there are no 2.0 tests, so no, I haven't started to work 
on them :) If you're proposing that we start work on creating them, that 
would be fine by me. I think this list is the right place to hold that 
discussion, and I think the goal should be a set of tests (the same form 
as the current tests) that we could give back to the XACML TC. At that 
point they would live on the TC's web page, but until then I'm happy to 
host our work in the tests tree that I already have going, if that would 

If you're talking about supporting the existing tests, yes, my code does 
pass all those tests, and I have a very simple test framework setup to 
run the tests. Did you want to talk about some of the 1.x tests in 
particular? Let me know!


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