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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] attribute retrieval protocol


It seems I really need to take a look SAML :)


> Argyn,
> I may not be fully understanding your use case, but the SAML Profile of  
> describes how to use SAML Attribute Queries to get attributes, and  
> describes
> how to map the responses into XACML Attributes.  The SAML schema for  
> these
> queries and responses can be used by an XACML Context Handler to request
> attributes from some other entity in the network (the application, an
> Attribute Authority, etc.).
> Anne Anderson
>> This is related to remore PDP problem. If there's not enough attributes  
>> in
>> the reques, how does PDP finds them?
>> There's no XML schema to request an attribute. According to spec context
>> handler find attributes. How is this going to work in the netwrok?
>> I thought if there wer XML schema to request attribute, then this could
>> work better in Web environment. A client sends XACML Request to PDP
>> server. Currently, it expects to get XACML Response with a decision.
>>  What if we change Response contract, making it return a request for
>> additional information. there'll be XACML scehma for a responce with  
>> such
>> a request.
>> 1. Request goes to PDP
>> 2. Response from PDP contains a request for additional information. It
>> also has a sessionId.
>> 3. new Request with additional info goes to PDP, it contains sessionId
>> from prev step, so PDP knows that this is for an existing request.
>> 4. Response from PDP contains a decision.
>> Basically, this is alomost the same how it works now, the difference is
>> that request to ContextHandler for other attributes has its own XML  
>> schema.
>> thanks,
>> Argyn

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