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Subject: Conformance Tests for V2

Hi Implementors,
I've finished with the conversion of the Conformance Tests from the V1
CTs. The new ones can be reached in the CVS of the XACML.NET project
This new CTs are testing the same features they were testing in V1, with
the following differences:

*	Using the new namespace for the elements of the Policy and
Context schema
*	The Condition element was similar to an Apply in V1, but V2 it's
a container for an expression, so the structure of the documents must be
*	The AnySubject, AnyAction and AnyResource elements are not
supported anymore so the Target elements must be redefined.

In my implementation the code coverage of the CTs is 73.3% of 4398 lines
of code. I've noticed the CTs are not forcing errors and most of the
missing code coverage is related to error handling or strange situations
(for example Functions that does not exists, data types that does not
exists, etc).
Hope you find them usefull. XACML.NET is still not passing all the tests
for the V2 implementation, but I'm working on it ;)
Diego Gonzalez
Lagash Systems SA

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