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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] are < and > forbidden characters in string attributes??

On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 13:37, Jan bei GMX wrote:
> thats what I did, but it's not a very convienient way. first things become
> very unreadable and second I have to transform all my xml docs which I want
> to protect into this syntax. Do  you have any idea where the error message
> comes from. Is there no way to avoid this work around.

There is no work-around. As Daniel explained, it's an error to supply
mixed content for the standard string datatype. I'm not sure why you
have to convert all your documents, unless you're providing them all as
attribute values (ie, this doesn't matter for the ResourceContent
section of a Request).

If you don't want to escape your tags, then probably your best option is
to define a new datatype that handles mixed content, and write a custom
function that converts that that datatype into a standard string.

As for questions about why where you're getting that error, you should
mail me directly or use the sunxacml-discuss list, since that's a
source-specific question.


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