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Subject: more efficient way for multible requests

Hi everybody,
following the profile for multiple resources one has to put the resource (in my case an xml file) in the resourceContent. Than you should use the scope Attribute of descendants to get access control over the entire doc. Therefor one has to extend the resourceFinder Module. This works fine and the context handler is submitting all the individual requests to the pdp. The pdp than evaluates each one and gives back a result (one for each node in the xml doc).  Unfortunately in my use case it would be much better if the context handler generates one individual request after the other. after sending one request and getting back the corresponding response he could decide whether he should continue gererating individual requests for this subtree. If the responce to the root node of a subtree is deny then he could stop going down this subtree and continue with the brother( if there is one). Is their a way to get such a behavior without having to make big changes of SUNXACML? 


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