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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] Use of Xquery with XACML

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 13:46, Muhammad Masoom Alam wrote:
> After looking at the restricted use of Xpath in XACML , i propose the use of 
> Xquery , which is much more advanced n have a alots of database SQL like 
> features to query to the XML documents, and it is very feasible to use 
> Xquery instead of Xpath  for advance Queries in XML.

Not being an XQuery user, I can't really comment in too much detail on
this idea, other than to say that it sounds reasonable. With regard to
XPath, however, I wouldn't say the use is limited. Rather, there are
only a few concrete mechanisms in the standard, and that's true for
pretty much everyting XACML supports. In my opninon, the core
specification shouldn't support everything possible. That's why the
language is designed to be extended. If you want to enhance what you can
do with XPath, go ahead. If you want to use XQuery, go ahead.

> In this regard , Dear seth , do u have some knwoledge of java libraries 
> about Xquery , so that they can be easily embeded into the SUN's 
> implemenation ??

I'm afraid that having never used XQuery, I don't have experience with
any libraries in particular. Looking at the w3c's XML Query page


I see that there are several implementations available. One of those
might prove useful. As for "embedding" XQuery, I suspect what you're
really talking about is creating a new suite of functions and datatypes,
yes? If there is a collection of functionality that you think would be
generally useful then this might be a good candidate for a future
profile specification.


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