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Subject: Missing Attributes

I appreciate the time you taking to help me.
I have one more question:
>You may choose to send an exhaustive collection of
> values,
> or a minimal collection and let the PDP tell you what was missing. You may
> have a context handler that can cover all the missing values, or you may
> (as
> you mention) setup some connection where attribute requirements can be
> communicated. In a controlled environment, the PEP may know what values
> are
> needed for each request, but in practice (in my experience) there are some
> values that are always needed and others that you rely on the context
> handler
> to resolve.
I have been looking around java docs for a while but have not yet figured
a way in my PDP code to identify missing attributes.

StatusDetail or Result objects all return messages but they do not
explicitly identify the missing attribute in the policy
For example ResponseStatus will print something like "Function expects one
or more attributes 0 returned", however it does not explicitly say which
attribute (data type , and so on ) is missing

Once the type of missing attribute (rfc name or x 509 name or whatever),
my pdp logic should contact an attribute finder module, which should
communicate with the requesting subject.

I would greatly appreciate any help

Thank you

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