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Subject: Multiple Subjects in a single request

Hi all
I have read the XACML spec 1.0. It mentions very briefly that:

Access-control policies often place requirements on the actions of more
than one subject. For instance, the policy governing the execution of a
high-value financial transaction may require the approval of more than one
individual, acting in different capacities. Therefore, XACML recognizes
that there may be more than one subject relevant to a decision request. An
attribute called “subject-category” is used to differentiate between
subjects acting in different capacities. Some standard values for this
attribute are specified, and users may define additional ones.

I could not find any additional info about subject-category attributes in
the spec. where can I geta detailed description?

How can I get more information about how to define policies with subject
categories and multiple subjects? Does anyone has an example? Also, a
sample access request generated for multiple subjects would be very
beneficial to take a look at

Thanks a lot
Any help is appreciated

> On May 23, 2005, at 3:32 PM, Kuketayev, Argyn (Contractor) wrote:
>> I looked at Diego's work on converting Conformance tests to V 2.0
>> Is there any way to "officialize" these tests? I mean adding them to
>> the
>> main XACML page, so the developers would use for testing tools.
> Good question. I suspect that this would require at least an official
> submission to OASIS and then a TC vote to accept them as a committee
> "document" ... all of which could be done, but would probably move
> easier if someone participating in the standard took ownership. I'll
> forward this to some folks who know more than I do about the process to
> see what I can learn.
>> Also, who's responsible for fixing the conformance tests? I reported
>> some bug in the past, which don't seem to be fixed yet.
> Also a good question. I'd see if I can learn anything on this front too.
> seth
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Mine Altunay
PhD student,
Computer Engineering Dept, NC State Univ
Phone: (919) 395 2789

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