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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] Resource Matching in XACML

> My problem is whenever I send a request (request file, request1.xml,
> attached in my e-mail) to the policy (policy file, policy1.xml, attached
> in the e-mail), I keep getting Not Applicable. I guess that this problem
> is related with Resource Matching because if I remove ResourceMatch tags
> and put AnyResource there, then the policy evaluation works (I get
> Permit). But in this way, my policy is useless for me. So my question
> is, is there a mistake in my policy or request that I miss?
Ah, ok. Your problem is that you have two Rules, and both only apply to File1.
So, while the Policy may apply to your Request, none of Rules does, and so
the final decision is NotApplicable. I don't know what you're trying to
express, but maybe you want to remove the Resource match on the second Rule,
or change which resource-ids its matching?


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