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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] Resource Matching in XACML

Hi Faith.

> In my scneario, I will have lots of resources, lots of users and lots of
> different conditions. So especially ResourceMatching and SubjectMatching
> are important. I tried by removing the second rule from the policy but
> still the problem persists. I checked so many times if there is a
> semantic error but couldn't find anything in this easy policy. I think
> the rule is matched properly (with the request), but the matching
> between the resource (policy target) and the rule can't be done somehow.
> Do you have any other suggestions?

If you remove the second Rule, you should see the same problem, because you
only have one Rule and it doesn't apply to your Request.

Your Request is for File2. Neither of your Rules applies to File2. So, you
can remove the ResourceMatch on File1 from one of the Rules, or you can
have the Target match on File2 in one of your rules.


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