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Subject: PolicySets

Dear All,


I am trying to combine several different but relevant policies within a
single PolicySet. I found PolicyIdReference construct useful for this
purpose but I couldn't find an example of its use for my purpose. My problem

I have a top level 







.. //other policies





<Policy Id="Policy2">




This PolicySet has policies both enclosed within <policy> tags inside of it
and policies located at remote locations (can be both URL or a different
local file). The above example is not working properly. Am I missing
something here?


The specification document provides the following for PolicyIdReference:

A reference to a policy that MUST be included in this policy set. If the

<PolicyIdReference> is a URL, then it MAY be resolvable.


So, can you please help me on how I can have several policies some of them
are located in different files or locations within the same PolicySet?


Thanks in advance.







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